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A needle valve is a type of valve having a small port and a threaded, needle-shaped plunger. In small sizes for intermittent flows, the pressure loss may not be as important as the other considerations favoring the Y-body design. Yang termasuk jenis ini adalah: Plug valve, Ball valve dan Butterfly valve. It is available in many materials such as silicon, rubber compounds, steel, galvanized, and therefore the primary application for degree elbow is to connect hoses to valves, pumps and water pressure, and surface the function of double block and bleed valve banks. However, needle valves are designed differently.Sehingga akan terjadi perbedaan tekanan padaujung nosel dan ruang pelampung dimana tekanan pada ujung nosel lebih rendah dari pada ruang pelampung. Bagian-bagian utama valve adalah; body, seat, disc, bonnet, gland, packing, stem dan handwell. Dalam beberapa aplikasi, tekanan yang masuk atau line pressure harus dikurangi untuk rnencapai tekanan service yang diinginkan Biasanya menggunakan pressure-reducing valve atau regulator. In some aircraft, a continuous-flow oxygen system is installed for both passengers and crew. The stem passes through the bonnet which is attached to a large opening at the top of the valve body.

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We offer a range of low-cost, high quality instrument needle valve.Macam ValveB.S.Hydro needle valves are in square forged body design manufactured for corrosive and hazardous environment. There are multiple types of check valves and each has their own benefits. We offer an extensive product portfolio, and are also trusted manifold valve manufacturers, who offer reliable products for high end system efficiency. 1. Three way ball valves have an L” or T” Shaped Port Hole through the middle for suitable service condition. Relief valves are used in pneumatic systems to prevent damage. Once the valve is inservice with specified back pressure applied at service temperature of 400° F, it should open at the desired set pressure of 500 psig.If you recall the design of the check valve, you will remember that a check valve closes when there is back flow pressure applied on the spring check.